Camp Calvary Arkansas/Oklahoma is set up and ready for volunteers and we've got homes to serve at!!  If you're interested in learning more about joining us, click here.  There is also a volunteer availability calendar on that page. If you're interested in financially supporting Calvary Relief, click here.  

To read our 2018 Review, please click here. To stay up to date with what we're doing, please see our Facebook account and/or our newsletters, links are above.  Please pray that wherever we are and whatever we do, we'd be diligent as we share the love of Jesus with those around us in a tangible way.  Please remember to keep us in your prayers and especially that we'd grow in our relationship with The LORD and draw others to Him in all we say and do!  Curt & Mary Jo

  • Calvary Relief

    Jesus' hands and feet to those affected by disaster

Calvary Relief

Jesus' hands and feet to those affected by disaster

Who We Are

Mary Jo and I are disaster relief missionaries.  We travel to areas affected by disasters bringing the hope and love of Jesus with us as we help those affected by the storms.  We aren't funded by any particular church, individual, etc.  It's people like you supporting us that allow us to fulfill The Lord's call on our lives.

What We Do

That's me, ready to do some mold remediation spraying.  Depending on what we do it can cost tens of thousands of dollars if a homeowner were to hire out the work and most of them can't fully afford to do so.  We do all this for free which allows us to share Jesus as He opens doors.  To listen to an audio interview with me,


We travel with a truck and trailer equipped to tool about 50 people per day.  There is a constant need for new tools as well as having to repair/upkeep the existing equipment, truck and trailer.  To view pics of our equipment Click Here If you can help with any of the costs associated,

Join Us

There are many areas of service needed when we respond to a disaster.  There are no unimportant jobs or unimportant people, it is a team effort.  There is always something for everyone to do.  If you or your group feels led to join us in the field we welcome you.

Check out our video page for more videos and subscribe to our YouTube Channel to be alerted of new uploads.

Met Us Recently?

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