Important Ministry Changes!
There is always plenty to do.  If we aren't in the field responding, we are busy getting our tools, equipment, and supplies ready so we can take off in a moments notice.  We are transitioning our lives to be on the road full time and have closed our business, trusting God to meet our financial needs.  If you would like to read a fuller explanation, click here.  If you are interested in helping to support us please click here.  Keep Praying!
Who We Are
We are disaster relief missionaries.  We travel to areas affected by disasters bringing the hope and love of Jesus with us as we help those affected with the recovery efforts.  Click here to read more....
The task that God has called us to is no small thing and we don't take His calling on our lives lightly.  We travel with a truck and trailer fully equiped to tool about 50 people per day depending on what we are doing.  There is a constant need for new tools and we are always having to repair/upkeep the existing equipment, truck and trailer.  To view pics of the history of our vehicles click here.  If you can help with some of the costs associated with our vehicles and/or tools, click here...

Where In The World Are Curt and Mary Jo??
We are hard to keep up with!  To be in the know you need to receive our email newsletters.  We’ll let you know what we’re doing & what you can do to help out, especially how to pray.  Click here to sign up.  Once we deploy we post more on facebook.  Click here to be our friend, isn't that special!!
Who is that masked man??
That's me, Curt, ready to do some mold remediation spraying.  Did you know that it costs a homeowner $1-3000 just to spray for mold?  If the home needs gutted, dried & sprayed it can cost between $10-30,000 and up!  It can also cost $2-5000 to remove a tree!  We do all this for free as a blessing which allows us to share Jesus as He opens doors.  To listen to an audio interview with me, click here.

Are You Prepared??
The question isn’t will a disaster strike, but when will a disaster strike.  Chances are you or someone you know will be involved in a disaster.  If a disaster hits your area & you aren't prepared it’s what we call a double negative, someone will have to come & help you.  If you’re prepared, the double positive, you can help others.  Feel free to contact us to assist you or your group with disaster preparedness.  Click here for some basic articles.

Past Deployments
We tend to be on the road more than we are home, its what we've been called to do!  We record our thots and other things during and after our trips.  To view copies of our email newsletters, click here (but why aren't you signed up to get them!).  To view a list of where we've been and read more about each deployment, click here.  To view pics of where we've been, click here.  Remember to pray for those who we've helped and introduced to Jesus!
We are currently back home in FL.  We came home to help Mary Jo's parents move into a retirement village and now have a lot of work to do on our home before our next deployment.  We can use some physical and financial help.  Contact us if you are interested.  To dontate towards the relief efforts click here.  To get more info on what all we are doing at our home, click here.  Keep Praying!
Being Jesus' Hands and Feet to Those Affected by Disasters